Regardless of the type of property, size or location, your home is where your heart is. The Kardia teal is ready to equip you with insurance solutions that work for you, no matter the situation. Let us give you peace of mind that no matter what life throws at you, your home is protected. Our offering includes:

  • House insurance
  • Townhouse insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Tenant insurance
  • Vacation property insurance
  • Semi-attached insurance
  • Rental property insurance
  • Other types of home insurance
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Homeowners Insurance Made Easy.

We know that home is where the heart is. As a heart-centred company, we want to make sure that no matter who you are, you can find and protect the place you call home.

Kardia homeowners insurance protects what matters most when life gets tricky. Our coverage will help you repair damage to your home, as well as give you peace of mind that everything inside your home is safe as well. From freak storms to accidental injuries on your property, Kardia provides everyone with a compassionate, hassle-free service. Whether you are looking to ensure the place you've called home for a decade, your vacation home getaway, or a property you've just purchased, Kardia Homeowners Insurance is here for you.

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Who should consider homeowners insurance?

Anyone who owns their own home, vacation property, or is looking to purchase a home should consider homeowners insurance. Purchasing a home, regardless of it's your first or fifth, is a major investment that needs to be protected. In fact, if you have a mortgage on your home, many lenders will require that you get homeowners insurance. As a full-service financial company, Kardia has resources that can help you navigate your mortgage, your insurance and everything in between - just ask us how!


Condo Insurance

At first glance, your building's master policy may seem like enough coverage for your condo and everything in it. What you may not know is that those general policies don't cover the things that may be most important to you in your home. Condo insurance fills the gaps that those master policies don't. Kardia insurance gives you protection from lawsuits (like those resulting from an injury in your home) and covers your beloved belongings and unit upgrades,

Homeowners insurance or condo insurance? What do I need?

Kardia is proud to provide you with exactly the type of coverage you need to make sure you are protected. If you own your own condo, row house or townhouse and your property falls under a building association, condo insurance is right for you. Specially designed to work with your condo association's insurance policy, Kardia condo insurance provides the right fit for you.


Renter's Insurance

Just because you don't own your own home, doesn't mean you don't have the responsibility to get protected. Your landlord does not have coverage that gives you the protection you need as a tenant. Are you covered if your home gets robbed? How about if that clumsy friend of yours accidentally damages something in your apartment that doesn’t belong to you? The answer is that without Kardia Renter's Insurance, you aren't covered in any of those situations.

Does it matter what type of property I am renting?

Kardia Renter's insurance covers multiple types of rental properties. Whether you are renting an apartment, townhouse, house, or dorm room, we have an insurance solution that fits your situation.


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